Email settings for BossDog users

Having trouble setting up your email account? All the settings can be found in the Email Accounts section of your client access area. Recently we made some changes to the naming conventions of the incoming and outgoing servers, so double check to make sure you have the right url needed for your specific account.

Here's how:

  1. Login and go to Services - My Services.
  2. Select the hosting account that the email is associated with.
  3. Click the shortcut icon Email Accounts
  4. Find the email account in question and click Connect Devices.

Here is a screenshot - which is where you will see the proper settings for your email account and links to email them or click a link to download and run the setup on your device.

BossDog Email Help

This link walks you through how to create and connect to an email account. 

This link offers a nice walk-through for mobile devices (iPhone and Android)


Still stuck?

Email and we'll help you get it all figured out!

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