Setting Up a Domain Name

A domain name is what people will type to access your website. It’s the address of your digital property, which guides people how to get to your location on the web. Instead of something like 123 Happy Street, it will be something like, “”

A registrar is needed to set up a domain name. Many companies, like BossDog Hosting, act as both a registrar and a web host. This means you can set up your domain name and build your website all from one location. This is often convenient and it usually means you only have to worry about one bill every year.

The registrar submits your domain to a worldwide registry for identification. Basically, it tells everyone around the world how to access your website. In the real world, it’s similar to how companies like FedEx or UPS can find your address by using the street, city and state information.

In this case, it’s the domain name used in a web browser.

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