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5 Tips for a Good Domain Name

I am often asked for advice and help when clients are just starting their business or blog and need a domain name, so I wanted to share these 5 quick tips for how to get a good domain name. 

  1. Use a .com Name if Available

    Think of any popular website out there. They use the .com domain name extension, right? Although there are many different domain name extensions available nowadays – not all of them are the best. More often than not, anybody trying to reach you will use your WordPress blog name and then add a .com at the end of it. 

  2. Use Keywords if Possible

    If you can, do it. Not only does it help explain what your WordPress blog is about, it also helps when it comes to search engine optimization. Here is an example situation. Say you are looking for a good personal injury attorney. You see a couple of results when you search for personal injury attorney. One of these is and the other is The first one sounds a lot more appealing to your current situation, correct? Keywords not only help for search engine optimization reasons – they also help people use common sense to see you should be the best source of information they are looking for.

  3. Do Your Homework

    Before you grab a domain name, you should really do some research to make sure it or anything similar is not being used by another company. You do not want a big business to come after you because your domain name is copyrighted, trademarked or is being used by another company. If you do this, make sure you are ready for them to come knocking at your door with a legal threat or two. Skipping this step and not doing your domain name homework could end up costing you a pretty penny. It’s also recommended that you secure a few different domain extensions once ou have gotten the .com version. This can prevent other resources from starting up similar sounding websites.

  4. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers
    This may be obvious but it’s worth pointing out. To keep your domain name easy to remember, you should not include numbers in it. People will eventually be unsure if you want them to use the number or spell it out. Was that a “5” or “five” in that WordPress blog about how to do this that or the other? Erase the doubt in their mind and stay away from using numbers in your domain name. The same thing can be said for hyphens too. The reason this is that people may not know exactly where to put them. If you are telling a guy on the street about your amazing WordPress blog, you do not want to tell them a word, then hyphen, then another word, then another hyphen and so on. Not only is it hard to say, he probably stopped paying attention after the third or fourth hyphen mention in your domain name. 🙂

  5. Short and Simple

    A domain name should not be too complex or complicated. Your best bet is to keep it short and simple so that it is easier for people to remember. The longer you make a domain name, the more you risk users misspelling or mistyping it. 

Although it’s true, it may be challenging to balance all of these tips into the perfect domain name – it is possible. But all this could be for nothing if you don’t act fast. When it comes to registering a domain name, waiting a week or even a few days to purchase it may be too late. Chances are it might be gone soon.

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